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Transformation of the Day: Jae lost 64 pounds. Last June, she decided it was finally time to shed the extra pounds she’d accumulated over the years. With the help of a dietitian, she cleaned up her eating habits and transitioned to a low carb eating style. A high cholesterol diagnosis helped her stay focused on creating a healthier life.

My journey started years ago, but it wasn’t until last June that I said, ‘Enough is enough.’ I was finally fed up with all the extra weight that I slowly put on year after year.

After starting and stopping so many times, I finally sought professional help from a dietitian, @_greensandgrains. I was always curious about Keto, so she helped me calculate and adjust my macros and slowly cut out the junk from my diet. I cut out soda and fast food. I also began planning my meals and packing my lunch and snacks for work. At first, it was hard to let go of my favorite foods, but I realized junk food wasn’t worth my health.

Over time, I started exercising 2-3 times per week to help me gain lean muscle. My workouts were usually about 20 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes to an hour of strength training.

I was motivated to keep going because I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and that was terrifying for me. I kept thinking to myself, ‘I am too young to have high cholesterol.’ Every time I wanted to give up, I would reach out to my dietitian who would bring me back to my “why” which was that I needed to be healthy for my family and me.

Keto was actually easy to get into, but in the middle of it, I had to really hunker down and stay focused. I was able to push through and not give in to temptation. After about 6 months on Keto, I did want something more manageable, so my dietitian calculated a lower carb macros (but much higher carbs than Keto) for me because I realized my body does not thrive on simple carbs (fries, ice cream, cookies, chips, etc.). The difference with a lower carb diet was mind-blowing. I felt more energized, less bloated and my hormones are actually balanced!

I’m 5’6,” and my highest weight was 224 pounds. I have lost a total of 64 pounds and hit my goal weight of 160 pounds! I’m now able to make better food choices, and I don’t overeat anymore! I’m so happy that I have my energy back and I am so proud of myself for not giving up. I hope that my story helps other women fighting to lose weight and live healthier lives.

The biggest lesson I took from this journey is that when I put my mind and heart to something, I can accomplish it. After I added working out into my routine, I found that I work out best with friends and it’s best for me to the gym with a plan (instead of winging it). I learned how to prioritize my time so that I could squeeze a workout in, whether at home or at the gym. I am so proud of myself for not only losing weight but also maintaining my weight loss.

I also learned that I do not crave soda and pizza like I used to. I remember eating pizza and thinking, “What a waste of calories!” because it didn’t fill me up. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat some foods that are not AS healthy, but I definitely keep those far and few between (once or twice a month).

My advice to women on their weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey is to find what works for you. There is so much conflicting information about which diet or method of weight loss works best. I think they should do research, go to a health professional and take it easy on themselves.

Don’t obsess over the scale. Measure other non-scale victories, like clothes fitting better, walking without being out of breath, working out longer at the gym, etc. Aim for eating for your HEALTH and don’t focus on just getting skinny. Remember that you didn’t gain the weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight!

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Jae before and after


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