Simple Exercises To Give You Relief From Hanging Belly Fat


Simple Exercises To Give You Relief From Hanging Belly Fat

Many times due certain conditions like rapid weight loss or pregnancy, women tend to get low hanging belly fat. This is nothing but stomach filled with fat and is very stubborn to take hold of.

Here Are Some Simple Exercises To Give You Relief From Hanging Belly Fat

Exercises Helps in Burning the Hanging Belly Fat Quickly

To prevent hanging belly fat you need to be on a regular exercise and eat a balanced diet that will keep this problem at bay. Here are some amazing and simple exercises that you can include in your daily routine to get rid of hanging belly fat.

1# Crunches

Crunches helps in burning the belly fat on a faster rate and is very easy to perform on daily basis. Just lie on your back and keep your knees bent. Keep your hands behind your back and then while inhaling lift your shoulders towards your knees and curl your legs towards your ribcage slowly. Exhale and return back to the normal position. Start by doing 5 sets n one go and then keep on increasing as per your stamina.

2# Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks targets your thighs, abdominal muscles and keeps them well toned. It also improves the flexibility of your hips and keeps them toned as well reducing extra cellulite. It is good for improving the abdominal abs and gives them more endurance that improves day by day. Lie on your back with your head and shoulders lifted up from the floor and keep your hands straight by your sides. Stretch out both the legs straight and then gently pull up your right leg in the air. Keep moving it up and down till you feel a good stretch. Then bring your right leg down but still few inches up from the ground and then raise up your left leg. Keep moving them in up and down position. Bring both the legs down gently and take rest. Repeat 5 sets with 6-8 flutters in one go.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks

3# Double Leg Lifts

This is an exercise that improves the stamina of your body, keeps your ab muscles toned and takes care of your sagging belly. Lie on your back on the floor and then keep your hands on your sides. Inhale and then join your legs together to lift them up straight in the air. Raise them as much as you can to feel the tension in your back muscles and abdomen. Hold this position for few seconds and then lower down both the legs gently on the floor. Repeat this 10 times in a go on daily basis to prevent hanging belly fat.

4# Exercise Ball Crunch

This exercise needs an exercise ball on which you will have to lie down on your back and then start with your crunches. This improves the balance and coordination of your body. Take an exercise ball and lie on your back with your legs firmly on the ground. Place your hands behind your head and then exhale a deep breath. Now, gently start pushing your torso towards up and forward. Then inhale and gently lower your back down. You need to inhale when you bring your back down and exhale when you go forward for the crunch. Repeat this 10-12 times as per your stamina. Increase the reps as you move forward.

Exercise Ball Crunch

Exercise Ball Crunch

5# Vertical Leg Crunch

This helps in keeping your abs tight and toned and gives you rid from the hanging belly fat in few weeks. Lie flat on the floor and keep your legs lifted towards the ceiling. Keep one knee crossed over another and inhale while you lift your body up towards your raised legs. Exhale as you return back on the floor. Repeat 12-16 crunches on daily basis and increase as you become perfect for this level.

6# Hip Lifts

This exercise helps in toning the hips and abdominal muscles and gives strength to your spine as well. Lie on your floor and keep your hands straight on the floor by your sides. Bend your knees and then lift your upper torso along with your hip in the air. You should feel the stretch in your back and abdominal area. Exhale as you come down to your normal position and then repeat 8-10 times.

Hip Lifts

Hip Lifts

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